IT Solutions

The Office System

Most of the Microsoft Office applications are available on both Windows and Apple, except for Microsoft Access.  Your IT problems can vary from basic to more complex ones, depending on the type and size of your business.

You may be experiencing such problems when using: –

You may be using these applications without being fully aware of the extensive functionality they can provide for your business. Click on any of the above and see if you are familiar with these possibilities.

Software Development

You may need a specific piece of software developed for your business because you can’t find anything that fits your specific needs.

Check out how I can use Access to do the following for you (or maybe train you how to do it yourself):-

Virtual Assistant / Administrative Support

Are you spending too much time on administrative tasks rather than what is actually generating the income for you?  Then why not think about hiring me as your administrative assistant / virtual assistant.

Cloud Backup Service

Have you thought what you would do if your computer or external hard drive failed?  Do you have a reliable backup strategy in place.  I can help by offering you a cost-effective backup service, which stores your data off-site, and gives you peace of mind.