Cloud Backup Service

IT Solutions And Marketing will show you the best way to maintain and protect your critical and crucial data. Suffering data loss due to insufficient or no disaster recovery plan can be devastating. Quite often we think that our data is being backed up, and we are backing up to external hard drive, only to discover the backups are incomplete or non-existent when we really need them.

The issue is that external hard drives, computers and flash drives can fail – and I have had 3 external drives fail on me over the years. I’ve also seen the external hard drives that are connected via USB ports removed incorrectly – which has seen all the data lost. Yes, there is a correct way and an incorrect way to remove an external device from your computer. The correct way is to tell your operating system to eject the drive (in Windows it is under the Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media). Doing it this way ensures that there is no data being written to the device (i.e. the address table, which the operating system needs to open the file).

Not doing so, you run the risk of losing the ability of opening the file – and I have seen a friend lose their thesis that they had been working on for a year for their Master’s Degree the week before it was due. It cost them $2,500 to send off the external drive to a specialist company to physically open the device in a clean room (as clean if not cleaner than an operating theatre) – and the data copied off the unit onto a new device.

Let IT Solutions And Marketing take the worry out of protecting and ensuring the safety of your valuable data with their fully managed cloud based backup solutions. All off-site data is stored in a local Sydney based data centre and secured with AES encryption.

IT Solutions And Marketing customers can be assured that: –

  • Their data stays in the location the customer intended. It is not replicated (copied) to any other location without their knowledge.
  • All data is encrypted at the source (being your computer), transmitted in an encrypted tunnel. Decryption is strictly controlled by authorised, authenticated user access.
  • When an account is deactivated, your data is properly and permanently destroyed and purged.
  • You will have the ability to recover individual files that you accidentally deleted (assuming that the data has been successfully backed up).
  • The software that I use is smart enough to know where it left off, and restart from the place it left off.

The cost for this service is $AUD30 per month, which will cover you for up to 4 computers (desktops / laptops). If you would like to find out more, please contact me to discuss.

Please Note:

  • The cloud backup will only occur while you have an active internet connection.  If at any stage your internet connection is not active, then IT Solutions And Marketing can not be held liable for loss of data due to the outage.
  • The initial back will take time to complete, and I suggest you leave your computer and internet connection switched on while it happens.
  • Check what internet plan you have with your internet service provider.  There may be a limit on the amount of data that you can upload / download each month and charge you more if you go over this amount, or restrict your internet speed.  If you aren’t sure, please contact me before subscribing.
  • I am providing this service as a CrashPlan Certified Agent.