Need Help?

I Can Help You Anywhere in the World

I am never too far away from you as I can help you using online remote access to your computer. If you are not familiar with remote access, don’t worry. It is easy, secure and safe. I have used remote access to assist such businesses as Mairin OHS&E Consulting, Telstra, Traffic Technology and a number of home based business operators, both in Australia and overseas.  This is ‘helping you’ made easy.

This is What Happens

  1. We make our initial contact via Skype. Skype can be computer to computer (free) or computer to a landline or mobile (for a very small cost of $150 per year you receive unlimited access to landlines or mobiles, to approximately 50 countries; there is a cheaper option also available). If you are not sure how to set this up, then I can help you. It is a really inexpensive way to make business phone calls and I advise all businesses to utilise this wonderful, inexpensive system.

You will receive up to one hour discussion of your problem/s for free.

  1. I will send you a written report stating what I can do to assist you, with pricing included.
  2. I use either Team Viewer or DropBox to share information or to actually produce the final results for you