Most of us use Word on our computers. But many do not know just what Word can do for them (other than using it to write documents).

Did you know that you can use Word to:-

  1. Set up a customised report? Let’s say you hold a meeting every month, and take minutes. You could have a customised report setup so that the minutes look the same each time you do them, without having to go back to the previous minutes, deleting the information (except for the heading) and typing in the new minute information.

Using this report system not only saves you an immense amount of time, it adds a very professional look to your work.

  1. Organise a personalised email to a group of people? If you want to send the same information to a group of people, but want to personalise each email, rather than putting all the email addresses in the ‘To” or “BCC” field, you can simply write an email in Word, and then email it directly from Word to a group of people, while still personalising each email.