Social Media

Facebook Page

Most people use Facebook as a personal way to stay in touch with family and friends. But you can also use it for business, by creating a Hub.

  • These Hubs allow you to connect directly with your customers and have ‘one on one’ conversations with them.
  • You can create specials and communicate with those following you on Facebook. This is a very low cost form of internet marketing.
  • You can build your audience by encouraging current customers to ‘like’ what they read.
  •  Facebook is a quick way to provide information to your customers.
  • You can create groups and have other likeminded folk to join in the discussions.

I have actually won work by joining in discussions in a Facebook group and being able to assist someone with an IT problem. This was free, but I was then asked to do more work as a paid consultant.

* A Hub is simply a special page set up within your Facebook account that enables you to specifically communicate with customers re your business.


  • Twitter allows you to place short messages online for customers and potential clients to share Information.
  • Readers use Twitter to talk about your business and industry; they can also criticise your business as well as commend it. Or they may ask questions (which you must answer).
  • You can get a quick short message out for a promotion, at no cost.


Of all the social media business platforms, LinkedIn is probably the best.

As most users have a business background, it is quite possible to attract Business Clients. You can certainly accelerate ‘Go To’ Market Opportunities and generate New Leads.

Some of the support LinkedIn can offer, includes:-

  • Create Targeted Communities
  • Maintain a “Top of Mind Awareness”
  • Great Networking tool
  • Contribute to ongoing discussions
  • May read an article/idea you hadn’t thought of to improve a process
  • Get help with a problem
  • Help out with a problem