Protecting Your Passwords: Treat Them Like Underwear

In the digital age, passwords are the first line of defense against cyber threats. They guard our personal and professional information from unauthorized access. Given their crucial role, it’s essential to handle passwords with the utmost care. An effective and memorable way to think about password security is to treat your passwords like underwear. This analogy may sound amusing, but it underscores several key practices that can significantly enhance your digital security. Here’s how you can apply the “underwear rule” to your passwords: Just as you wouldn’t wear the same pair of underwear for days on end, you should not keep the same password indefinitely. Changing your passwords regularly is a simple yet effective way to minimize the risk of them being compromised. Passwords should be updated every few months, especially for accounts that hold sensitive information, such as your […]

CommBank Phishing Scam Update

Well, they are at it again, I just received another message this morning, saying that my account was locked and to go to a particular link in the message to unlock the account. Once bitten, twice shy – I now at least have a number which I can pass onto CommBank for their investigation team to investigate as well. I was lucky that the CommBank security team picked up on the activity, locked the account and sent me a message.  I wonder how many others that get caught out, and the banks don’t pick up on until after the fact and then it takes time to get the funds returned.

CommBank Phishing Scam

I have been an advocate of ensuring you know what you are doing, and double check everything before acting upon, so you don’t fall foul of phishing scams. I can’t be more amendment on the fact, as you don’t know who is out their trying to get your hard earn cash. Back Story Earlier this week, I was phoned by a call centre claiming to be from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) with a recorded message saying that I had outstanding debts and was also implicated in Tax Fraud, and that there was a warrant out for my arrest.  I knew this was a scam, as I have been targeted 4 time before, as well as another family member. Anyway, I wasn’t going to let this go unanswered, so I rang the number back, strung them along for a little […]

Computer Security Precautions

On a sunny Friday afternoon, I had a frantic phone call from a client. They had a phone call from a person claiming to be from their phone and internet carrier, claiming that their method of connecting to the internet would be out of service for several weeks and that they needed to show them how to get around the outage. Sounds plausible, right?  Without thinking too hard about it, you might say sure, what do I need to do.  The caller instructed my client to go to a website, and download TeamViewer (a tool that several support staff use to connect to a computer remotely); the company that developed TeamViewer is reputable and had no connection with the caller, and install the software. The installation of the software was configured in such a way, that gave the caller unattended […]

Phishing Attack Uses Domains Identical to Known Safe Sites

I have just read an interesting article where Chrome and Firefox (two common browsers for the internet), can show you a website that you think is legitimate, but is actually a phishing website  hoping to get your login details. This is done by using special code (which can then be converted into English for readability), and thus fooling you into thinking you are the website you were directed too,  To learn more, please read this aritcle.

Cloud Backup and Storage

It can be heartbreaking and certainly stressful if you lose documents or any other data from your computer. More and more small business operators now backup their work onto a hard drive, DVD or CD. Doing this is certainly better than doing nothing, but there is now a ‘new kid on the block’ Cloud is an externally hosted hardware environment and is a great way to feel confident about the safety and security of all of the information and data that you currently have on your computer. Cloud is basically a service that you can use to store all your work in a secure environment. Cloud provides a storage and backup facility. It provides a method for storing data on servers that are owned and managed by internet hosting companies. Data Centres are where the servers are housed. The owners […]