An Ultimate Guide to Formatting Word Documents

Introduction If you are using Microsoft Word for your business operations, you need to understand the essentials of formatting and creating a word document. After reading this article, you will ably format your word documents like a PRO. What is word document formatting? It is how a document is laid out on a page, the way it looks, and its visual organization. Word document formatting addresses elements like font size, margins, spacing, columns, alignment, lists, indentation, font selection, and presentation (in terms of bolding or italicizing) Once you’ve correctly formatted your Word document, it becomes correct, consistent, and easy to read and understand by your target audience. How to Format Word Documents in MS-Office 2019 Attach and format text in your Word document Select the text you want to format in your Microsoft Office Word document. To select one word […]

Don’t Fall for Scammers

I have written before about being caught out by scammers, and also how to spot a scammer. The latest round, isn’t relating to Computers but with puppies.  Everyone needs to be aware.  I have recently read an article from ScamWatch,  What the scammers are doing is posting photos of adorable looking puppies on sites such as Facebook offering them for sale, and asking for money to clear them through customs & quarantine.  The problem is, that the actual puppies do not exist, and that you have actually lost your money. If you are looking for a dog (or puppy), either go to your local animal rescue – or if you are looking at paying a little extra for a pure bred, contact your local Kennel Control for a registered breeder. Puppy Dog Scammers – Scamwatch

Christmas Greetings – 2017

I hope all my clients and colleagues had a very Merry Christmas this year, and may 2018 be prosperous for us all. While this year has seen an increase of work in some areas, it has also seen a decrease of work in others.  I look forward to 2018 and invigorating myself and the business and come back with a fresh lease on life and adding benefits to those I work with

CommBank Phishing Scam Update

Well, they are at it again, I just received another message this morning, saying that my account was locked and to go to a particular link in the message to unlock the account. Once bitten, twice shy – I now at least have a number which I can pass onto CommBank for their investigation team to investigate as well. I was lucky that the CommBank security team picked up on the activity, locked the account and sent me a message.  I wonder how many others that get caught out, and the banks don’t pick up on until after the fact and then it takes time to get the funds returned.

CommBank Phishing Scam

I have been an advocate of ensuring you know what you are doing, and double check everything before acting upon, so you don’t fall foul of phishing scams. I can’t be more amendment on the fact, as you don’t know who is out their trying to get your hard earn cash. Back Story Earlier this week, I was phoned by a call centre claiming to be from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) with a recorded message saying that I had outstanding debts and was also implicated in Tax Fraud, and that there was a warrant out for my arrest.  I knew this was a scam, as I have been targeted 4 time before, as well as another family member. Anyway, I wasn’t going to let this go unanswered, so I rang the number back, strung them along for a little […]

Computer Security Precautions

On a sunny Friday afternoon, I had a frantic phone call from a client. They had a phone call from a person claiming to be from their phone and internet carrier, claiming that their method of connecting to the internet would be out of service for several weeks and that they needed to show them how to get around the outage. Sounds plausible, right?  Without thinking too hard about it, you might say sure, what do I need to do.  The caller instructed my client to go to a website, and download TeamViewer (a tool that several support staff use to connect to a computer remotely); the company that developed TeamViewer is reputable and had no connection with the caller, and install the software. The installation of the software was configured in such a way, that gave the caller unattended […]

Phishing Attack Uses Domains Identical to Known Safe Sites

I have just read an interesting article where Chrome and Firefox (two common browsers for the internet), can show you a website that you think is legitimate, but is actually a phishing website  hoping to get your login details. This is done by using special code (which can then be converted into English for readability), and thus fooling you into thinking you are the website you were directed too,  To learn more, please read this aritcle.

A Small Australian Business Supporting the World

A Victorian company is providing an Australian call centre service for their clients across Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, there has been a move over the last several years to take call centres off-shore. New technology such as NBN, allows IT Solutions and Marketing, a small, home based business in picturesque George Town Tasmania, to compete with the larger corporations and provide excellent customer support. The company is expanding into new territories across the globe, which means increased work for Ven Grollmus of IT Solutions and Marketing. Ven commented that “As long as I have systems and procedures in place, I have the technological skills to handle the extra work.” Ven has travelled interstate on several occasions to attend training sessions to ensure he has a complete understanding of the product. Ven is also looking at forging strategic alliances […]

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Is your website and blog ‘mobile’ friendly? This means, are they set up so that they can be viewed on mobile phones, tablets etc. Google has decided that your websites and blog will be given a lower ranking if they do not comply to mobile requirements. You therefore have to make a decision….is it important for your website to be found when being searched for by potential clients and do you want your website or blog to be looked at by folk using mobile phones etc.? It the answer is ‘yes’ to either of these, then you need to get your existing sites changed over. Unfortunately this is not all that easy; it is like rebuilding the site from scratch. The good news is, you already have the content (text and images) from the existing site, but you will now […]

Cloud Backup and Storage

It can be heartbreaking and certainly stressful if you lose documents or any other data from your computer. More and more small business operators now backup their work onto a hard drive, DVD or CD. Doing this is certainly better than doing nothing, but there is now a ‘new kid on the block’ Cloud is an externally hosted hardware environment and is a great way to feel confident about the safety and security of all of the information and data that you currently have on your computer. Cloud is basically a service that you can use to store all your work in a secure environment. Cloud provides a storage and backup facility. It provides a method for storing data on servers that are owned and managed by internet hosting companies. Data Centres are where the servers are housed. The owners […]