Building a New Website?

It can be very exciting when making the decision to build a website, whether you are going to do it yourself or whether you will pay someone to do it for you. However, so many people are then disappointed when the website is finished because they realise that they have forgotten many important aspects.

Before beginning, have a plan. In this plan you should be very clear about just what it is you want your website to do for you. Most businesses want their website to be a marketing tool and therefore it is very important to know just ‘what’ and ‘how’ you want to market your business.

Before you begin any marketing program you need to know just who you are targeting; who will be looking for and at your website. Imagine you are one of these people you are targeting and try to think just what it is they would want to view on a website like yours. Your home page will become the most important page of your website because it will succinctly offer just what you think the viewer will want to know.

As well as your website, you need to consider how you will be marketing the website itself.

Do Some Research

Make sure you check out what your competitors are doing (and not doing). What do you think is working for them? Take notes on the form and function of other site’s (not just competitor websites) that you enjoy visiting. Find out what the latest ‘best practices’ are for web design and SEO. If you’re not sure, contact a creative studio who can provide you with some insights.

Think About Marketing

Having a website should only be a small part of the overall vision of your web presence. Merely having a website does not necessarily mean that people will ever see it. Do you want to use social media? You better say yes! What are your thoughts on PPC (pay per click) advertising through Google AdWords and/or social media?

Choose the right team

You’ve got a business to run so this is not something you may not have the time or ‘know how’ to do correctly and effectively.

If you keep these tips in mind when meeting with a potential web design team, you’ll know whether they are or aren’t right for you and your business. Check their portfolio and contact a few referrals. Make sure you’re not just another paying customer but one that will build a close relationship with them for the long haul. This is your blood, sweat and tears we’re talking about so make sure the team you choose shares the same passion for your business and its success as you do.

These tips are provided to give you some ideas about how to initiate the web design process and select a creative partner for your website design project. If some of these things don’t make sense to you at this point, it’s not a problem. It’s why we exist – to bring clarity and ease to the process. These are the preliminary steps we employ for each and every one of our clients at the onset of our web design process. Our team will take you through the process with ease and help you understand every step along the way.

Written by Ven Grollmus

One thought on “Building a New Website?

  1. Oh boy – how many websites have I seen that are simply ‘brochures’ – I wonder why people bother with the expense of building a website that is just like a printed brochure. Your website needs to be interactive and full of good information. This usually means that you have to have a blog with the same address as the website so that you can regularly add information that is both unique and of value to the reader.

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