Fear and Failure or Positivity and Success

Every business owner, at one time or other, is afraid that they have made the wrong decision or that a specific situation will be there downfall. Even though this is bound to happen to you, it is how you handle the situation that makes all the difference between you coping or collapsing.

If you allow your negativity to build, you will experience confusion and ultimately chaos. This is the point when your business may collapse. You must become consciously aware of just what is possible for you if you manage the situation with a positive outlook.

This awareness can lead to you being proactive and you can then treat the fear you are experiencing with clear thinking and a heightened awareness. Once you can focus on the possible positive results, you are likely to avoid the sense of failure and become more focused on success.

When you ‘dig deep’ and fight the situation you find yourself in, you will come to realise that the fear you are feeling is actually working for you and helping you to not only cope, but to feel excited about the possibilities.

It is essential that you plan and take steps that can lead to the results that you want in your business. Accepting the inevitable (whether it is negative or positive) is a sure course to eventual failure. When you plan for the future of your business, you will experience confidence that in turn, can lead to success.

As well as planning, a good business owner will ‘think on the run’ and be able to assess problems and create positive solutions. You must handle problems as they happen and not procrastinate or just ignore them and hope that they will go away.

With the correct mindset you can actually feel excited and positive as you face your problems and not collapse into a mire of self-pity or fear. Just remember that there are always solutions even if some need courage to implement.

Take action; make it positive and commit to excellence in your business strategy. If you can develop a sense of heightened awareness you are more likely to avoid the sense of failure and negativity that can overwhelm you when problems occur in your business.


The renowned speaker, Brian Tracey, gives an interesting approach on how to handle fear (in your life or in business). You can develop confidence and self-respect to overcome the fear that you may be experiencing (or think that you are about to experience).

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Written by Ven Grollmus

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  1. I have always felt that a sense of fear leads to expectations that give me a leading edge and make me experience a sense of excitement as I set out to remove the fear and replace it with a positive feeling.

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