Do You Concentrate on Your Business, or Are You Easily Distracted?

There are a number of ways you can be distracted or interrupted in business. The main ones are:-

  • Phone calls
  • Folk dropping in (clients or friends)
  • Receiving (and responding to) emails

Another problem you will face is that you are unable to concentrate on just two or three major tasks a day and find yourself being side-tracked by your own brain!

How Can You Solve This Problem?

You must learn how to focus and realise that it is you to blame with distraction (whereas you can blame others for interruptions). Consider taking these actions to solve the problem of distractions:-

  • Set two or three important goals each day and make sure you concentrate on them within a specified period of time. Each time you consider doing something else, STOP. Focus on the goal you have set and perhaps do the other thing you thought of during your break.
  • Break your working day into smaller sections of work and have a break between them (you will then be able to concentrate more on the goals you have set).
  • Block out social media from your screen for the time periods you are working (there is an App Antisocial available to help you do this.
  • Keep track of what you do over set periods of time, each day for at least a week or two. You will soon see if you are really concentrating on completing a goal or if you are being distracted. You can use a grid broken up into 15min sections or you can access this technological tool.

Being Productive

If you really want to be productive you need to eliminate as many distraction and interruptions as possible. You will be amazed at just how much more you can achieve in a week.


This video discusses how to avoid being distracted if you are running a home based business. The final word is – it is up to you to avoid distractions and negativity so that you can reach your goals and dreams.

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Written by Ven Grollmus

One thought on “Do You Concentrate on Your Business, or Are You Easily Distracted?

  1. I like the differentiation between ‘distractions’ and being ‘side tracked’. On the whole, I can set my mind to a task (goal) and stick with it to make it happen. HOWEVER, I am also very opportunistic and if an opportunity arises I tend to first say ‘YES’ and then say ‘HOW’. I guess this can cause me to be side tracked – but only temporarily, as I am very capable of returning to my initial goal.

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