Using Emails to Market and Promote Your Business

We are all sick to death of receiving dozens (and in some cases hundreds) of junk emails that we have not requested for product or services that we do not want. Nevertheless, emails are a very important tool when promoting and marketing your business, particularly to those you know.

There are some essential points that you need to cover when using emails.

  • First of all, make sure that you have a well-designed signature that includes your logo, phone number and websites. Perhaps add a slogan as well; but DO NOT add a ton of information that the recipient does not want to read.
  • Always address your email to the actual individual you are sending it to.
  • If you want to send out a similar email to a group of contacts, send it out via the BCC so that everyone does not receive each other’s details.
  • Keep your email short but personal.
  • If possible add a link to a website or video to further promote what it is you are sharing with them.
  • Some folk do not allow attachments; so if there is an image, have it at the foot of the email unless you know that the recipient will receive an attachment.
  • If you can, offer the recipient something for free; or let them know of something e.g. a seminar, that may be of interest to them; or invite them to join you at an event (perhaps you can even offer to pay).

The most important thing to remember is that you need to know that the recipient wants to hear from you. You can ask them early in your relationship if they would like to receive information from you; but do not make it a regular email e.g. every couple of weeks. Soon they will stop reading them.

It is also imperative that at the end of each email you make a statement that you will cease sending them information if they request that you do so.

NOTE: If you require assistance with developing your email marketing; contact IT Solutions and Marketing to discuss any problems you may have.


This video gives a couple of great suggestions on how to best use emails to market your business. Why not try these ideas? Just remember, results may not occur instantly, but if you are consistent, it will happen!

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Written by Ven Grollmus

One thought on “Using Emails to Market and Promote Your Business

  1. Much of my networking and sharing information with clients happens via email. I often use an Autoresponder as well, but one must be careful not to lose a sense of personal connection when using this tool.

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