Is Pay Per Click an Effective Way to do Business Online?

Many people use Pay Per Click (PPC) very successfully; others lose a lot of money using PPC. There are many ways to Market your products and services online, but Binh An Nguyen’s personal favourite is PPC because of its speed and flexibility.

PPC is used via search engines, advertising networks, and content sites. Advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked on. The biggest traffic broker in PPC is Google Adwords. When you search for a particular term on Google, there are two sets of results returned; organic search listings, and the ‘Sponsored Links’. One of the main reasons why the PPC model is used over other Internet Marketing models e.g. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is because you can literally set up a campaign in PPC and start seeing traffic and results in a matter of minutes.

The tracking abilities of PPC allow you to keep a constant measure on which keywords, ads, and landing pages are making you money, and you have control over everything. You can also generate reports on demand to make smart business decisions from the data collected. If you decide to use Google Adwords you need to be aware that they are very strict. Play by their rules, and you will create a sustainable business with longevity; go against these rules, and your profits can literally vanish overnight. For the small and micro business owners, this becomes a very risky option, as it takes a lot of time and money just to test and discover what it really is that Google wants from your campaigns. When Binh first started in PPC, he lost a lot of money, but gained some very valuable lessons and experiences. He now is able to assist his clients’ to help them sell 5 to 6 figures monthly with PPC.

I will add more posts on this topic at a later date. Just keep in mind; if you are a micro or home based business, with little experience in Adwords – then be cautious as you can lose a lot of money quickly (remember, Binh likes Adwords because it is so quick; but it can make or lose money just as quickly and needs to be monitored once or twice a day).

Written by Ven Grollmus

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