Why Should You Have an App for Your Business?

Most Small, Micro and Home Based Businesses cannot see any real value in spending their ‘hard to come by’ cash on developing an App to market their business. Many businesses do not have a marketing budget and simply do not treat marketing as a number two priority for their business (number one is producing the product or service). Some business operators think that it would not be possible to build an App to suit their type of business. But, as an App is a marketing tool, every business can use an App to promote and market themselves. Over 1.2 billion people use Apps and by 2017 it is expected that the users will number 4.4 billion. As 75% of Apps are free, one has to wonder why you would spend money producing something for free. However, a well-designed business App […]

How to Build Your Business Via the Internet in 2015

You don’t have to have a business which sells product or services online to still have the Internet help your business to grow. These days most people use the internet daily to assist them with their research and help them find product or services they are looking for. Actually, the internet search engines are probably more commonly used than the telephone Yellow Pages. If your potential and existing clients are using the internet to help them in business, then it is important that they can find you and your business on the internet. This means that you require one of more of the following: a website, a blog or social media accounts (preferably all three). Whatever you decide to do, you must also be prepared to continue learning. You do need skills to make all these different procedures work well […]

How to Use Your Blog to Effectively Promote Your Business

It is important that your blog contains unique and informative information. It has to be on a topic of interest and must capture the attention of readers. You do not want to promote your business openly, but rather slot in links to your website or other articles of interest in your blog. You want readers to be proactive and share what you have written. Once they are prepared to ‘click’ and make a ‘comment’, you know that your content is of interest. The more interaction you can encourage from readers, the better ranking you will receive with search engines and the more interest your business will create to potential and existing clients. You will have to work out how to create interesting content and how to get this information out to the masses, Of course, social media plays a huge […]

Marketing Your Business

Do you spend time developing a newsletter and getting it out?  Have you thought about getting it onto all the mobile devices out there that your customers/clients have? Why not think a little outside the square and produce a professional online magazine? It is so easy with this new technology – I am going to try it! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/inspirevision-publish-your-own-online-magazine/x/8704783 Written by Ven Grollmus